Constellation a JVM-Based Non-"block"Chain

Jul 04, 2018

After spending a good deal of time learning Blockchain, since the emergence of Ethereum, I find myself very excited, today, about the emergence of a non-block-chain.  As I live in the application performance and capacity space (particularly JVM based) I have had concerns about the gradual decay in performance of Bitcoin, Ethereum etc as I happen to have two dedicated blockchain-based projects, Earthdollar which is a land-asset based cryptocurrency and Digisphere Labs a bio-fuels from land-waste IoT project.  So I have to pay attention to performance degredation over time.

Constellation is based on JVM based Micro Services and of course this means we have the capability to tune those services and that is just the start of it.  I still have to complete the Whitepaper,however I did watch a hour long video with key team members and I got a good feeling.  I have applied to run a node in their testnet, however it will be very well subscribed and this link to their site does include a referral link which will improve my prospects there.  Beyond this point, Constellation really is a good looking technology, beyond Hashgraph and Tangle in fact.

Constellation Labs

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