Java And Artificial Intelligence #AI & Machine Learning #ML

Jun 06, 2018

I am quite involved in two #blockchain based projects one of which also involves #IoT, #AI and machine learning (#ML).  In addition I am working closely on the Linux Foundation Hyperledger inititiative.  Most of the languages I have encountered in my blockchain work to date have been Python, Go, Solidity and JavaScript, it is good then that I am now encountering Java in these worlds.  In fact Ripple recently joined Hyperledger, lergely related to their Java.  

I came across a great site recently for Java AI and ML information and resources with lot's of really great links there "deeplearning4j" this is where you can find it.

For those interested in the two blockchain projects I am working on, they are here...

Digisphere Labs


Earth Dollar

Earth Dollar

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