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Dec 29, 2016

Today I watched a very compelling video by a noted Venture Capitalist , Peter Levine of Andreessen Horowitz.  Having lived and worked through the creation on the Web at which point I had a tremendous eureka moment and pre-LED light bulbs going off everywhere, that video just had the same effect on me and that is for the second time in two weeks the first one being set off by the Blockchain and in particular Ethereum, funnily enough this blog post on IoT and Ethereum are linked via peer-to-peer.  The video can be found here and I urge you to watch it.


Another key development in the Java-IoT world is the availability of The Open IoT Stack from Eclipse "A key challenge to making IoT a reality is the complexity of implementing an IoT solution. For example, to develop an IoT solution, the developers need to deal with different types of hardware platforms, implement and manage the IoT gateways that connect the devices to the Internet, manage connectivity and network issues, and integrate the IoT data with existing enterprise systems and databases and many other issues."  The Open IoT Stack from Eclipse can be found here.

Our technology world is morphing once again and these are really interesting times; once again.





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