Review of Fusion Reactor

Dec 22, 2015

A few months ago we did a brief overview series on performance analytics tools for Java server (JavaEE) environments.  After using several of these in real performance tuning and troubleshooting engagements we will now do a series of posts with a greater detail on a selection of some of those tools. The tools we shall select initially will be low cost and easy to set up and use. The first one we shall review is called FusionReactor from Intergral GmbH. Our articles will be broken into at least two parts, firstly installing and setting up the tools and then using them with sample results.

The downloads for the latest version of FusionReactor, version 6x can be found here. The most signinicant feature in FusionReactor 6 is Production Debugging which is claimed totally safe to use in Production environments, so we shall most certainly be checking that out and testing it thoroughly.

We installed this on a Windows system and the install began easily and uneventfully...

Eventually we get a dialog box asking for the port for the main management interface for FusionReactor...

After the initial install we are then asked to select the JavaEE instances/environments to monitor...

As ease of install is important to us in our work and review and we like the fact that FusionReactor has a feature to scan the system and as mentioned this is a Windows system and we actually have three JavaEE environments on this system so were interested to see if FusionReactor found them all...

At the end of the install, FusionReactor had found all the instances and correctly identified their run state.  In essence we have two Tomcat and one Jetty instances on the system and one Tomcat environment was stopped.

So far so good, in our next piece we will put FusionReactor through its paces measuring application performance.





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